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Are You A Christmas-Shopping Procrastinator?

Girl holding Christmas hours.

Are you one? Do you know one? Check out the poll below – and let us know what you think!

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Here’s an interesting tidbit of procrastination-related information: a company named X-Ad has published research that indicates that on-line searches for store locations, hours and specific retail items occur 24% more often on Christmas Eve than on Black Friday. This phenomenon is said to be attributable to – what else? – buyer procrastination.

The editorial article in SDExec where I read about this study suggests that the advent of internet-based devices is allowing people to put off their gift purchases to the last minute due to the ease with which they can now locate stores and specific articles when they are running out of time. But Christmas-shopping procrastination has been habitual for a significant segment of the population since long before the internet, so I wonder if the tendency to shop at the last minute is actually increasing or is just more traceable today.

What do you think?

  • Are you a Christmas-shopping procrastinator? (Do you know one?)
  • Have mobile devices have made your (their) shopping procrastination habits worse? (Contribute to the poll below!)
  • Are you (they) going to avoid leaving everything to the last minute again this year?
  • Are you reading this blog post when you should be shopping?